Auto / Work Accidents

If you have been a victim of an auto or work related accident, your care can and should be covered under your auto or work comp related case. We have in-house case managers who will work directly with your insurance company, attorney or adjuster to get you the care you deserve.

Meet Our Doctors

Florida Sports & Spinal Rehab physicians have over 35 years of shared experience in the fields of non-surgical spine and orthopedic rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on our multi-disciplinary approach to sports and spinal injuries and we offer the most diverse group of specialists under 1 roof.

Sports & Spine Injuries

Whether you have been dealing with chronic pain for years or have recently suffered a muscle simple sprain or strain, we have the expertise to help. We employ physicians from every specialty in an effort to provide patients with a “1 Stop Shop” approach to Sports & Spinal Health & Wellness.
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